Wednesday, April 25, 2007

First In, First Out

When Roo was just over 7 months old, I wrote:

Shortly after my last message, we began feeling a bottom front tooth just under the gum. Shortly after, we saw two little teeth peeking out and they've been slowly emerging ever since. They're still not quite all the way out, but they're clearly visible and she's got quite the painful bite.

Well, what goes around comes around, because that same little tooth that I first felt under the gum in April 2001 is now tucked lovingly into a "tooth pillow" that's hanging on the girls' bedroom door. (Sister Johnson, from one of Mark's hometeaching families, makes the pillows and gave one to Roo and one to Scooter, and they were very excited to test one out.)

The tooth came out tonight at Girl Scouts. Roo's been wiggling it pretty religiously, and she says "I was wiggling my tooth, and all of a sudden, it came out in my hand!" There was only a little blood, but Roo and I had talked about that in advance so it didn't freak her out. She was very excited. She and Scooter insisted we take pictures and everything, and of course, Roo wanted to call several friends and family to share the big news.

True to how they came in, the other bottom tooth is wiggling too and will soon come out as well. Behind it the adult tooth is already visible and breaking through. Pretty cool.

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